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The GET UP Project strives to meet the specfic needs of each trustees group. Please contact us for a FREE consultation to deisgn a presentation program that caters to your exact needs.

Presentation Summaries from The GET UP Project

Most presentations will last for an hour. Some presentations can lend themselves to reinforcement activities/games.

Please click here for a downloadable verison of The GET UP Project Presentation summaries.

"What Did You Say?"
Striving for Better Communication with Your Child

Learning to communicate effectively is crucial for preparing children for the real world. Communication is a life long skill. During this interactive presentation, the participants will become more aware of difficulties in communicating and gain information concerning the developmental assets children need. The participants will also gain information to understand the impact of what and how they communicate with others. Suggestions will be given for positive communication. Each participant will receive a "Listening Rod" bookmark to remember to take turns speaking.


"Once Upon A Time"
Choosing Children's Books

The participants can become an author and create their own book or a file folder game can be made to reinforce a literacy skill.

Option(s) for follow-up activities:
- The participants can become an author and create their own book or a file folder game can be made to reinforce a literacy skill.


"Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"
Teaching Gratitude

Adult/Parent Workshop:
The workshop is based on the book- How Full is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D. Teaching gratitude to children can be a complex process. Before teaching children about gratitude, parents and adults need to determine their own gratitude level. The workshop progresses with suggestions for taking care of self, then sharing gratitude with others. Some comments from past workshops include statements such as "really helped to increase my awareness to care and helping our children. We all need this encouragement." and "I gained information and it made me take another look within myself and to evaluate my life, me and how I look at things."

Children's workshop:
This workshop is based on the book Have You Filled A Bucket Today? By Carol McCloud which teaches children the difference between caring and uncaring individuals. It also encourages children to develop their own caring spirit. The session will have two segments: one for adults and the other for children. Adults will receive strategies for "filling their bucket" as well as their child's while children will read the book and participate in a craft relating to the book's theme. Topics will include empathy, compassion, and communication.


"This Isn't Your Mother's Kindergarten"
Skills needed for School Success

During this interactive presentation, the participants will discuss some of the changes that have taken place in kindergarten over the past few years, and become more familiar with the current requirements and expectations. Preparation for kindergarten is crucial and the participants will become more familiar with the basic skills needed for success in kindergarten and beyond. Some differences between the preschool day and the kindergarten day will be examined. There needs to be an increase in the number of children entering kindergarten prepared and ready to learn.

Option(s) for follow-up activities:
- The participants can make a file folder game to reinforce a literacy skill such as beginning sounds, letter recognition, rhyming words, etc. The game can be determined according to the needs of the students.


"It's Okay to Say No!"
Discipline Strategies

During this interactive workshop, the participants will learn new strategies in parenting. The parents, who do not want to say no to their child, will learn that children need boundaries. Strategies will be given to encourage children to follow directions, express their feelings in a positive manner, and understand acceptable an unacceptable behavior. Participants will learn assets that children need to have and will learn that discipline means to teach and train.


"Parenting and Being a Trustee"
Parenting Styles and Fulfilling the Needs of Children

The participants will become more familiar with information that will enhance their parenting skills. Participants will learn their parenting style, strategies for positive discipline, assets that all children need, and skills to improve communication with their child. The role of parent and/or trustee is crucial for developing a well rounded child. The 5 P's, the 3 E's


"Got Skills?"
Skills Needed for School Success (Intellectual skills)

There are skills that are needed for the child to be the best possible student. There are areas that affect the ability of the child to learn. Parents can become aware of their role in the child being more successful in school. There are strategies and responsibilities that parents/trustees need to be aware of to help their child in school. The participants will learn of strategies to help the child in school. The strategies can transcend grade levels.

Option(s) for follow-up activities:
- The participants will make a folder game to reinforce letter sounds, the alphabet, or counting.


"Math is More Than Counting"
Math Skills for Children

The participants will learn the math standards of learning and how to teach or help their child. The categories of the Standards of Learning will be discussed, to include Number and Number Sense, Computation and Estimation, Measurement, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and Patterns, Functions and Algebra. Activities will be shared for parents to enhance skills with the children.


"Look What I Can Do!"
Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills

This workshop will provide suggestions of activities to enhance and develop fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills including writing, lacing, drawing, cutting, tracing, etc.

Gross motor skills to include hopping, jumping, skipping, throwing, catching, running, naming games to play- relay races, obstacle course, Follow the Leader, Simon says, etc.


"Making Homework Work"
Strategies to Make Homework Go Smoothly

The session will include suggestions for making homework a better experience. The session will include ideas and things to do to encourage responsibility. Another focus will be for parents to find ways to schedule homework, improving planning skills to reduce stress, and what do you need to help your child complete assignments.


Miscellaneous Topics

"The Beginning Reader"
Reading Readiness and Literacy Skills
Word families
Social Skills and Persistence
Phonemic awareness
Letter recognition
"Communicating with Parents"
"Grade Level Transitions"
What to expect in the next grade level
Letter sounds
"Cat and Bat and Other Words that Rhyme"
Nursery Rhymes and Rhyming Words


GAMES from The GET UP Project

The games in the collection include Body Bingo©, Use Your Manners Bingo©, and Shape Up for School©. Each game has its unique message. The games are great for young children, English as Second Language speakers, nursing homes, Alzheimer's patients, church groups, etc. Use Your Manners Bingo© is for ALL ages.

Please click here for a downloadable verison of games from The GET UP Project.

Body Bingo©

Body Bingo© is a great way for players to recognize body parts, spell the name of the part and relate that part to the rest of the body. Twenty body parts are identified with colorful pictures used to help play the game. Body parts are labeled to aid reading skills. Each game comes with 15 different playing cards, 20 body parts cards, master game boards, and chips. The game cards, body parts cards, and master game boards are printed on sturdy cardstock for durability.

Retail Price: $18.00


Use Your Manners Bingo©

Got Manners? Use Your Manners Bingo© helps to reinforce social skills with players. Manners need to be reinforced with adults as well as young children. People in group settings need to remember and use polite and courteous words and actions. There are 30 manners statements that range from "Good Morning" to "Hold the Door for Others" in different colors and fonts for visual discrimination. Each game comes with 15 different playing cards, 30 manners topic cards, master game boards, and chips. The game cards, manners topic cards, and master game boards are printed on sturdy cardstock for durability. There are two versions of this game. One version has picture cues to aid non-readers in recognizing each statement and the second version is for readers.

Retail Price: $18.00


Shape Up for School©

Ready for School? Shape Up for School© in Preschool and Kindergarten/ 1st Grade versions, reinforce skills that children and students learning English should know. Many of the skills refer to the Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning standards and SOLs. The player moves on the floor through the life size "game board" by answering questions. The game includes 26 colorful foam shapes(9 colors/5 shapes) which are 10" minimum (for the game board), with a upper/lowercase letters of the alphabet on one side. There are also 50 questions, 1-5 number cards, and a die. The questions and number cards are printed on sturdy cardstock for durability. The foam shapes can be placed on the floor, in a straight line or in more advanced formations for designing the game path. Coming Soon- 2nd/3rd grade and 4th /5th grade versions.

Retail Price: $20.00


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