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Mate Masie

Who We Are

Valerie Scott Price is a native of Newport News, VA and has worked in the field of education for thirty years. She received her B.S. degree from Hampton Institute (now Hampton University) and her MS Ed from Old Dominion University (Early Childhood Education). She has worked as an educator in the District of Columbia and Newport News Public Schools systems. In 1977, she was one of the first four teachers in the First Step Preschool program in Newport News. Price has taught preschool children for the majority of her teaching career in Federal programs (Model Schools Preschools and Title I). She retired in October 2004 after 30 years of teaching. She was Teacher of the Year at Warwick Early Childhood Center in 1995. Price worked very closely with staff members, worked on committees and shared information and resources with coworkers. Her interest in children and families brought her to the Newport News Healthy Families Initiative, where she volunteers on the Community Advisory Board and to the Newport News Parenting Educator's Group. She has been married for over 35 years and has two adult children.


Valerie Scott Price in Newport News, VA founded The GET UP Project in 2005. After working in the field of early childhood development and public education for 30 years, Price realized that many individuals educating, nurturing and caring for children and youth did not grasp the full significance of their role in influencing a child's success in today's world.

Parents need to know the ways in which kindergarten has become more advanced and technical. The first four years of a child's life sets the foundation for future learning. Trustees have the responsibility of providing the educational foundation during those crucial years. Price feels strongly that parents need to understand how their choices affect a child's future success in school. She also recognizes that people working with parents and children need the support of someone with an education background to share this information. She has spent her career preparing children for kindergarten and future school success.

The name, The GET UP Project, was created to inspire trustees of young children to get up and get active to insure the best future for children. The logo is a West African Adinkra Symbol called Mate Masie whose implied meaning is "I Understand."


Here at The GET UP Project, our passion is enabling individuals to realize the joy of parenting and the power of their presence, as trustees, in the lives of children and youth. We work to help trustees better understand the needs of children and youth and tap into the joys of parenting through engaging and fulfilling techniques that meet the needs of the child and in most cases the parents as well.

The GET UP Project seeks to inspire trustees to recognize the significance of "understanding" in fostering healthy, positive, and fulfilling relationships with children and youth. All children have the capacity to grow and develop fully, but we at The GET UP Project want to ensure that trustees grasp the power of their role as trustees as well as the internal need of children and youth to be heard and feel validated as they express their needs and desires. Herein lies the beginning of "understanding" where a common ground is established and positive work can be accomplished.

We refer to individuals who find themselves in any sort of parenting role as a trustee because we strongly believe that anyone entrusted to care for children in any capacity, be it physical, mental, emotional, educational, etc. is charged with always managing situations which may arise while the child is in his/her care to the benefit of the child. This is the central organizing component of The GET UP Project and is therefore regarded as our guiding principle.

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